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This forum is meant for students taking classes and using learning materials provided by Jozlyn's Remedies LLC. Please take a moment to review our forum rules. If you notice a rule has been broken, please report the post to [email protected]


1. NO PROFANITY of any kind! (This includes using the Lord's name improperly, inapproprriate words, name calling of any sort, etc.)


2. This is a forum for LEARNING. Students are to direct their posts in a manner that respects an educational atmosphere.


3. There is to be ABSOLUTELY NO dispensing of diagnosis, treatment, attempted cures, attempted medical advise, or preventative advise by forum members. This forum is reserved to EDUCATE about traditional practices in natural medicine and/or to teach about herbal properties and is NOT a place to seek medical advise.


4. There is to be NO ALTERNATIVE RELIGIOUS reference or focus to this forum other than Creation, Biological, and Country Living perspectives.


5. This forum is for STUDENTS ONLY and is not to be used publically or for any other purpose.


If you do not agree with these rules, than please do not use this forum. If you have questions concerning anything on the forum or about forum rules, please e-mail [email protected]


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