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By: Lauren

Home Herbalist Course

Assignment #2




Name: Garlic (allium sativum)


Part used: bulb


Description: perennial plant of the lily family Liliaceae. Leaves are long, flat, and narrow. The bulb consists of numerous bulblets (cloves) grouped together between membranous scales and enclosed in a whitish skin. Flowers are placed at the end of a stalk growing direct from the bulb, are white/green in color, and grouped in a globular head with an enclosing kind of leaf or spathe among which are small bulbils.


Uses: boosts/stimulates the immune system, improves circulation, prevents/fights cancer, lowers cholesterol levels, reduces blood pressure, prevents hardening of arteries


Forms available: fresh/dried cloves, capsules, tablets, tinctures, aged extracts


Dosage: adult- 2-4 grams of fresh, minced garlic (one clove equals about 1 gram), 600mg-1200mg of aged extract in divided doses, 200mg of freeze-dried tablets standardized to 1.3% allin or 0.6% allicin (2 tablets 3x a day)


Caution: may interact with anticoagulant drugs, rare cases of allergic reactions, may cause heartburn and/or flatulence


Personal experience: I take garlic whenever I feel a cold coming on and find that it will basically eliminate a sore throat, if not the cold itself. In the past I have minced garlic up and taken it with raw honey to help with the taste. Now I just mince it and swallow in water or sprinkle it on my food.


Sources: The Herbal Drugstore- Steven Foster and Linda B. White

Be Your Own Doctor- Rachel Weaver

Nutritional Healing- Phyllis A. and James F. Blach

Description- botanical-online.com


Dosage- University of Maryland Medical Center



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Amber Kaiser
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Great job on your assignment!  I like how you used several references! 

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