Quotes I absolutely loved this course with Amber! She is a WONDERFUL teacher, very gifted and knowledgeable in herbal medicine and very gifted in educating us on how to use and identify herbs. I very much enjoyed the hands on experience and feel like this is just the beginning of my herbal education. I also very much enjoyed meeting other like minded women! The best part is knowing that Amber is a Christian and teaches this class completely from a Creation perspective! Thanks Amber! Quotes

Quotes I really enjoyed the Home Herbalist course. Although simple enough for a beginner, I found it also contained helpful information and ideas for those who have had some former experience with herbs. The hands- on approach to making different herbal remedies really helped to give a practical application to all that was learned as well as confirmed how easy such remedies are to make. What I personally appreciated best about this course was Amber Kaiser's Christian perspective. She always gave God the glory for the plants he created to benefit us. That was so refreshing to hear especially when so many others are worshipping the creation and not the Creator. I would recommend this course to anyone who's wanting to discover the many possibilities of herbs. Quotes
HHC Student

Quotes I had a fantastic experience in the home herbalist course! I really enjoyed the education and hands-on experiences that I had in class. Amber was super knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions. I felt like it was a great starter course for me as I didn't know much about herbalism prior to the course. I would definitely recommend the class to others! Thanks Amber! Quotes
Excellent Introduction to Herbalism

Quotes I am so glad my friends told me about the Home Herbalist Course with Amber. I am excited about all I have learned related to herbs and how to make useful beneficial teas, salves, extracts, etc.. I feel blessed to be able to take the plants from my own yard which God has made and make them into beneficial remedies. This class has helped me have a love for learning about herbs. I have also enjoyed the other ladies in my class. We learned a lot from each other too. Thanks for all the information. Penny- Home Herbalist Course Student Quotes
Home Herbalist Student

Quotes I completely enjoyed my experience with this course. I felt like I walked away from each class with practical tools to help me & my family maintain our health more naturally. I am excited to be able to take this knowledge & apply it immediately! Quotes

Quotes Taking the HHC class has been a great experience. I not only learned the basics of preparing & using herbs, I met a number of people who have experience with natural herbal medicine-especially Amber! I'm looking forward to learning even more. Quotes
Avis Sorensen
Knowledge Seeker

Quotes I cannot tell you enough about how I have enjoyed & benefited from the class. Amber is a wonderful teacher: full of knowledge, enthusiasm, compassion and kindness. The information she presents has provided a strong foundation in the history and basics of herbalism and natural wellness in general. The hands-on sessions were my favorite - getting to see & do herbalism in the 'lab'! I cannot wait to take more classes with Amber! Quotes

Quotes Ambers Home Herbalist Class was a nice way to learn about herbs in a nice relaxed manner. She does a very nice job of giving the new herbalists and the more experienced herbalist information they understand. If not she would answer their questions. The hands-on demonstrations where very nice. I am looking forward to putting what I learned to good use. Quotes

Quotes I am so pleased that I carved out the time and money to take the Home Herbalist course! Amber did an excellent job presenting a scientific and lay person approach to herbs. I now understand the benefits, cautions, methods of preparation, and the use of many herbs. I have already been able to use the knowledge gained in the class by preparing and using herbs in a number of ways. Quotes

Quotes I very much enjoyed taking the Home Herbalist Course. The time flew by and I was always sad to see it was over already each week! I enjoyed the assignments we were given to do and found lots of useful information throughout the course. I have already recommended it to many of my friends and I look forward to taking more classes with Amber in the future as well! Quotes
Definitely Recommend!
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