Quotes Amber, Thank you so much for your wonderful classes. You definitely offer something that I haven't found elsewhere. I appreciate the time and dedication you have spent in educating the public with natural wellness topics and I always look forward to your next class. Thank you so much! Quotes

Quotes I went to Amber when I found out I was pregnant. She was great, very knowledgable! I would recommend Amber's services to anyone who is looking for a natural, healthy lifestyle... Quotes
Sarah Scott
Pregnant Mom

Quotes Amber's classes are nice to go to. She shares a wealth of information with you on the subject of the night, it is also nice because she explains it in terms that we all understand and we can ask questions. I have learned a lot of useful information from her that I use all the time. Quotes
Tina L.

Quotes Amber educates her students (like me) about healthy habits and gently encourages them to make changes in their lives for the better. Baby steps to a healthier, happier life! Her classes are filled with useful tips/recipes and facts that are an enriching experience. As a mom, she inspires me to chose what is best for my kids. Her appreciation of the environment shines through in her teaching as well. Quotes
Melissa Lockman

Quotes I really enjoyed and appreciate Ambers knowledge and experience. I took the Skin Care and Sweets class. She explained concepts and ideas with a gentle sweetness that encouraged me to improve my choices of products and ingredients. Many thanks for the time and energy you gave so freely. Quotes
Tam Toll
Grami Tammy
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